Building a loving earth, together.

Who am I?

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Hello, I'm Luke Warm - on a "right use of power" journey

I'm thankful to be privileged in many ways this life, and thus the purpose of this project is to empower others to share their privilege by sharing mine as an example. When we are all operating in our power, we can collectively change the world - and the time is now.

"All are needed" -The universe.

I feel strongly the need to create safe space for all people (starting with the marginalized), and will be actively searching to empower egalitarian land use for communities such as these!

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Latest entry: 5/19/2022

My Story

(in part)

From 2016 through 2019 I worked at Credit Karma as their first Senior Security Engineer. They had a mission to change the world through economic empowerment, and part of that business model evolved to include the free tax preparation component known as Credit Karma Tax. This was aimed at changing the industry, so that every American could file taxes completely free. As this would interrupt the business model of companies who profit from charging fees and service costs for tax preparation and filing, Intuit (one such company) purchased Credit Karma in a seemingly transparent ploy at stopping progress for this industrial disruption. While this was of personal financial benefit (as the vested stock options from the sale got me out of debt, and left me with enough funds to begin a community) it was simultaneously damaging to those dozens of millions of Americans who cannot afford a $500 emergency expenditure.

I thought for some time about what love I could inspire with these funds, and ultimately came upon the following idea:

Work to become financially lean and grow in community ties. Investing in items that will aide in this cause (solar, gardening, well water, etc) the intention is to reduce monthly costs as much as possible. Purchasing land to avoid recurring rental costs, and in an area with flexible building codes and low property taxes to allow for ultra cost-effective natural building techniques without any red tape. Becoming financially free through egalitarian living and growing our own food, I hope to share this opportunity with others who share in the vision and have a desire for natural living. A primary driving factor in thinking about setting up this community is safety - wherein all members of the community may feel empowered as co-owners to voice their concerns in a 100% consensus model. Every voice matters, and everyone will get an opportunity to ensure they are heard. Once relatively self sustaining, the community can evolve to offering public services as a non profit. The vision I see is for a holistic healing center. Inclusive of all modalities, this "spa" can offer non-community members a way to engage with the services that each community member may offer. A conversation with potential visitors will introduce the "ultimate sliding scale" as an equity based calculation upon arrival. 'How much money do you expect to make next month (take home)?' will be asked for prospective visitors, and this will be multiplied by a percentage - perhaps 5-10% - and then proposed to the patron as their suggested donation for spa access. This would ideally be a 501c3 tax deductible donation and would offer an equitable access to all potential patrons. A parcel of the land purchase could offer a no-cost campground, limited by capacity. This would be offered to those people currently not able to afford housing, and who desire a safe place to camp (likely a separate legal entity for this venture, still exploring options).

I have recently shifted my life rather dramatically to accommodate spending much more energy in accordance with this new path. That has meant leaving behind the socially perceived "success" of a career in cyber security, and looking instead for connections in those healers who wish to join me in this new earth journey. The early stages have been mostly research based, as there are so many useful resources I have been finding, in meeting humans, browsing websites, attending classes/courses, and staying present with my own healing at the same time! I've been in an RV for the past 6 months, and have put 18,000 miles on the beast. The first trip in Winnie was to Tennessee. It was incredible, inspiring, and affirming: this was indeed a place that I could see the vision becoming a reality! Water abounds, land is still affordable, the soil is fertile, codes are few/far between... lots of major pros to this place. After returning to Colorado to regroup, I traveled west, through New Mexico and Arizona into southern California, then all the way up the coast to northern Washington. I got the opportunity to visit communities, eco villages, spiritual houses, healing retreat centers, and more along the way. These connections each offered a slightly different and unique insight into the process of community building and land purchase, etc. Having heard (and hopefully learned) some of their lessons, this may serve to guide any future community toward positive conflict and ensuring growth opportunities are realized and not traumatizing.

Now I need your help. This journey will take multiple dedicated individuals.If you are willing and able to help, then please get reach out!

What are we hoping to accomplish?

  • Connect with communities that are in the planning stages, to align on if/how I can offer resources and aide in making their vision a reality

  • Empower those interested in building an earth-conscious lifestyle, fitting uniquely to their tribe/community

  • Reduce reliance on the monetary system, and increase reliance on community support (foster community)

  • Share capital wisely for those communities which would be the most positively impacted by a contribution

What's the plan to accomplish the above?

Step one - establish a community which offers a safe space for those interested in reducing their cost of living through egalitarian living. Step two: without the pressure of monetary needs, the community can offer services in exchange for a percent based suggested donation as a 501c3 co-operative non-profit corporation. Initial seed money will go toward land and building toward this purpose. Once sustainability has been reached and cost of living requirements are low, the donation model should serve as adequate for covering costs, and then finally the third step will include any additional funds being distributed to new communities looking to start with similar principles (co-op, shared ownership, non-profit etc). This would be a grant/scholarship, creating a way for anyone to start the community of their dreams without a monetary burden.

My current vision of a community that I'd like to live in: is that of one based on healing. Healing of all kinds will be welcomed, as both an offering to the community as well as a public option for monetization of visitors that are not interested in contributing in a volunteer capacity.

Another project I'm working on: is a land plot that will operate similarly (co-op non profit) however for those without housing and in need of a place to camp semi-permanently in the immediate. This project will involve the help of other facilitators in assisting with the oversight of finding and assisting potential candidates for the land.