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Email Update - Dec 15 2021 - "Rando Poetry Delivery"

Here's a poem for you:

Ancient Ones by AstralWizard

Ancient ones of all four quarters.

Do you hear me?

Deities of the earth what do you see?

The elements are now chaotic, and in complete disarray.

I call upon you for guidance.

Candles circle around me..

Shadows dance about the walls.

Energies find rhythm and again sheds the needed key.

The atmosphere I draw upon.

The circle I draw for protection.

The energies I conjure are for your inspection.

Ancient ones, who've been around before the dawn of time.

What direction is there left to continue?

Back into my vortex I go.

Ancient ones, make the positive light grow.

Help me to give back to the supreme being.

Not concerned now about the obvious count down.

Not concerned about failures of the world.

Not at this moment in time.

For spirituality is not bound by these things.

There are no connected strings.

For any type of flow cannot be controlled.

Work in the energies well in the manner of law of three fold.

From within is where purity can come.

North of earth

East of air

West of water

South of Fire.

Ancient ones of the quarters.

Harness these energies, harness these well.

Make them stronger so that they may never fail.

Poem 32


10:07 am PDT


That's it - just wanted to share.



Email Update - Oct 17 2021 - "Land Ahoy"

I had expected to spend a lot more time searching for the right property, especially once I realized that the exciting land that I had traveled from Colorado to Tennessee to inspect, ended up not being viable (as the neighbors were clear in their non-support of the ideas/ideology). However after this realization I decided to regroup at Crystal and Dean's in Spencer Tn, for some camping on their property and to see what progress they had made on their goals. This weekend ended up being a time of continued bonding, as the last (and only other visit) I was only able to spend a short evening with them before continuing on my journey.

I realized during this weekend that the land was not only perfect for our needs, but also that there was a "we" in this place. The land has been purchased by these lovely humans who are looking for founders and alignment on vision, and that's exactly what I brought! After lots of conversation and discussion on founding principles of the community, we got about as far as three people could get in a weekend of envisioning, divining, manifesting, and bonding. This place is going to heal and free those who are needing it the most, offering a liberation from the external and a reuniting with the internal.

I'm currently on a west coast tour, traveling with a friend: Elzmarie. We're hoping to spread the word of this new community and it's vision for a healing center & need for healers of all modalities. To that end, if you're reading this and know anyone who's been looking to get into a community at the early stages, please pass this opportunity along!

Much love,


Email Update - Sept 14 2021 - "Property Assessment"

Hello Privshare family,

I'm about to embark on a quick trip to Tennessee to look at a piece of property. It's feeling aligned energetically so far, and thus I am planning on seeing it in person. Triangulation on the feel for the land would be incredibly helpful, so I'm sharing some of the details of the property here in hopes that any potential questions or considerations can be offered to ensure this is not a hasty or unwise decision.

The land is in a county that's unrestricted, and the city does not have any building codes. I plan on visiting with each of the neighbors to ensure that the ideals and vision will be supported by the community at large. I'm also hoping to get to camp on the land for a night, but still waiting to hear back about permission for that.

Also, if anyone would like to come along for the camping trip, I'm leaving today and driving from Denver to Tennessee with a tent and sleeping bag using my car (for gas efficiency) of course it's very short notice, but anyone is welcome to join!

Wishing you all a beautiful transition into fall, and please reach out if I can be of any assistance.


Email Update - July 12 2021 - "On the road, again!"

Hello & thanks for being on the mailing list! It's been some time since the last update, and so here's some high level updates for you in case you've missed it!

  • At the end of May '21 I retired for full time privshare involvement

  • In mid June until early July I drove an RV through Tennessee - looking at potential land and meeting local communities

  • Early July- took a week at home to regroup/repair

  • Back on the road now & traveling through the southwest: New Mexico, Arizona, then southern California.

  • Planning to travel the entire US west coast, from Socal to Washington.

Request: If you are aware of any communities that are eco/spiritual/healing oriented and on the west coast, please let me know!?

I'll be planning an update via Zoom over the next few weeks, for any questions or those interested in hearing the latest on the project!

Hope you're having an excellent summer!

much love,


Email Update - April 22 2021 - "Virtual meet #2 Recording"

Hey Earthlings,

I wanted to get the link for the Virtual Meet #2 out there for anyone who didn't attend to view at their leisure:

We had some great conversations about working with Indigenous people, looking into land logistics, conservation easements, and incorporating vocational training. Also, as we chatted about homesteading and free land therein: it seems there are often many requirements about what to build, how long you can build, etc. Obviously this may or may not fit a given community need, but is an important consideration nonetheless.

Mentioned resources:

Looking forward to chatting again soon,


P.s. if you have a preference on when the next meeting is: fill out the google form here

Email Update - Mar 30 2021 - "Virtual Meeting for Community Building Brainstorm"

Hey earthlings <3

Amaterasu had the idea for a virtual meet-up, and I couldn't think of a better way to get to know each other than to chat about shared ideas around community building. The planned time for this meeting will be this Saturday at 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time.

There will be a follow-up email sent 24 hours prior, containing the meeting info & URL to all those registered on for the email updates. So if you know a person that is passionate about building the new earth, then please feel free to invite them to sign up for this email list, or directly here.

If this time doesn't work for any of you who are very interested, we'll have a recording available to catch you up. Also, if you have any topics that you would like to discuss, please send them over prior to Friday, so that an agenda can be prepared if necessary. Thanks, and looking forward to chatting soon!

-Luke Warm

Email Update - Mar 4 2021 - "Earth team, tell me your dream!"

Hello to the 17 lovely humans that have signed up for these email updates. I'm thankful for the opportunity to hear from each of you now, as this collaboration is really about seeing your vision become reality. What type of space/community/team/family/tribe/etc are you trying to build?

A large consideration for where I hope to invest in a project will come down to an alignment in morals. This will allow for greater tolerance of our differences, due to a deeper moral bond - understanding that we are all connected through the Earth. Earthlings, I think, will embody this sentiment as it offers reverence to the earth and should serve as a reminder that Mother Nature is our master, and we owe the earth our love and dedication.

Tell me of your vision! What do you dream of? What do you picture when you imagine living in a community of people that love and care for eachother? In what ways do you think living in deeper connection with nature will affect your life? How would it feel to have a community of communities that support and interact with each other?

Chat soon,


Email Update - Feb 22 2021 - "First Five"

Hey y'all,

Thank you for providing your contact information. I'm hoping to keep up somewhat regular contact, without inundating anyone. For now to respect individual identities, I'm keeping everyone BCC'ed - but this group is only 5 people at the moment, so I'm thinking about setting up an opt-in way to share contact info (let me know if there's interest?)

I am extremely thankful for each of your desires to explore a way of working together with the earth. The bounty that Mother Nature provides is far above and beyond what humans require, especially when the human intellect is poised intentionally to live in balance with the Earth. I am blessed with abundance and desire to see this used toward this goal.

To accomplish this goal, I am but a small part - in need of others with complementary skill sets and mindsets. I am trans-gender as I do not subscribe to the ideologies of societal binary gender definitions. I am queer, and in love with nearly all humans it seems. The space I foresee is safe for people like me, and unlike me. In order to achieve this type of diversity, and remain honest to self, a culture of consent seems necessary to me. This culture can be fostered through one guidance: Never keep your frustration secret - tell your neighbor when their actions upset you. Have the conversation about the discomfort whenever it arises as soon as you can kindly articulate it is key. This type of culture will allow all people to act in full faith that their actions will be greeted with a kind awareness of discomfort whenever this is the case, allowing the rest of their existence to be blissfully comforted that their actions are fully supported and held by others.

If you're interested in responding, I'd be interested in anything you have to share - as well I'm also curious of your vision for community, earth conscious living, inclusive spaces, etc. How do you see yourself interacting with this idea/project?

Lastly, would you like to share your contact information with others in this group? any thoughts here would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to hearing from you and maybe working together soon!

Happy Monday Earthlings,

-Luke Warm